Kundli Dosha

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Every person comes on earth with a certain destiny contained in his/her birth horoscope or Janama Kundli. The Janama Kundli is nothing but a picture of the placements of various planets and Zodiac Signs in the twelve houses of the Kundli. This picture is dependent on the Day and Date, Time, and Place of the birth of the person (called as the native). Broadly, this picture describes the qualities and weaknesses of the person, probable occurrences and statuses in various spheres of his/her present life, certain favorable and beneficial kundli yogas (advantages), and specific unfavorable and troublesome kundli doshas (afflictions), and a rich stock of information related with many other things and activities of the past and present lives. Here, informed in brief are only some of the most well-known and common kundli doshas and remedies in astrology, to make lives of people worldwide better and optimally successful and prosperous.

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